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How does it work?


Selling in is super easy, safe and 100 % risk free.
As seller, you are totally anonymous. We will answer all item-related questions on your behalf.
Our central warehouse will ship all your items to the buyers – you only send one box to us with all your items.
Once your items have been sold, you will get your money to your bank account with a single bank transfer.


  1. Sign up to the service.
  2. Add at least ten items with photos and descriptions for sale. You can find hints and tips for listing items HERE.
  3. The Customer Service will review all listings. We will send you an email as soon as your items have been approved for sales.
  4. You can find the listing numbers for your items in ‘My Account’. Write the number of each item onto a piece of paper tape and attach the numbers to the respective items.
  5. Pack you items to a cardboard box, attach the label on top of it and take the box to a post office. You can track the parcel with the tracking number provided in the approval email. You don’t have to pay for the parcel at this point. Print the address label for your parcel using the hyperlink in the approval email.
  6. When we receive your items, we will review the items and publish them for sale on all markets and languages with the price you set + 2,90 €. We will charge your customer account a item-specific logistics fee of 0,95 € per product. The logistics fee covers the cost of shipping and storing the item. There are no other charges.
  7. If an item hasn’t been sold within 5 weeks of publishing, the service will automatically deduct 20 per cent of the price set by you. This is done every 5 weeks for four times to find the correct market price for your item. If an item has not been sold within 24 weeks of publishing, the listing is removed. You can either request us to return your unsold items, buy more sales time within 14 days of delisting, or donate the unlisted items to a charity. If you request a return, you will pay your standard delivery cost for the return parcel containing all your unsold items.
  8. We will credit your sales account after the statutory return period, at latest 30 days after the buyer has purchased your items. You can request a transfer to your bank account. If a sold item is returned to us within the 15-day period, we will relist it for sale, and credit the sales proceeds as soon as the item is finally sold. Please note that bank transfers will be done in euros. If your bank account has a different currency, your bank may charge fees for currency exchange. Please check the exchange rates and fees with your bank before requesting the transfer. Typically transfers to euro accounts within Single European Payment Area are free of charge for the recipient. If you wish to receive your funds in another currency, please contact our customer service at


For Buyers, works like any normal online shop.
You buy from a reliable company, and we will safeguard your personal data. You can pay with the payment method of your choice, and we never store your payment details. All transactions are encrypted and protected with industry standards compliant technology.


  1. Browse through the item categories or use the search function
  2. Add the items you want to your shopping cart. The entire cart is delivered to you for the standard shipping fee.
  3. Pay the items with your preferred payment method.
  4. We ship the items tomorrow – the delivery time depends on the shipping destination.

Please note that every item is unique! Many buyers may have the same item in their shopping cart, but the first one to pay it will get the item. BE QUICK!

My Account

Customer registration is safe. Having your personal customer account is free of charge, and you can delete your account any time. Storing your personal data in your account helps you use easier and faster.

If you want to sell items, you need to sign up as a user so that we can verify your identity. We verify your identity again when you transfer your sales credit from your user account to your personal bank account. You can also use your account to keep track of your sales progress and manage your credit.

Sales Credit

You can use your user account to manage your items for sale and your sales credit. The sales proceeds are credited to your account after the legal return and cancel period has expired. If the buyer cancels the order or returns an item within 15 days of delivery, the item is republished for sale and your user account is not credited.

You can request a transfer to your bank account any time. We will send the requested amount to your account in euros. Normally the transfer takes 1–5 working days. Please check the exchange rates and fees from your bank prior to requesting the transfer if your accounting currency is other than the euro.

Automated Price Drops and Unsold Items

You don't have to worry about the price drops of your items, we'll take care it for you automatically. The automated price drops of ensures that most items are eventually sold. If the price you originally set does not lead to sales of an item, the pricing engine reduces the set price by 20 % after five weeks’ sales attempt. If the item is not sold, the price drop is applied four times until the maximum sales time of 24 weeks has been reached. If the item has not been sold within 24 weeks, the item is automatically removed from the shop. After the removal, you have 14 days to republish the item for a fee or request the item back to you.

You can republish the item at My Account, under Items for Sale menu option. If request a return of your unsold item(s) to you, you pay the standard shipping fee per shipment. If you do nothing within 14 days of item removal, we donate the item to a selected charity organization.

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