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The tear and wear rating provides guidelines for assessing the condition of the products on sale. CLEAN, ODOURLESS and UNDAMAGED products sell fastest. You can read more about the products you can sell on HERE! We will disapprove unsuitable products.


The item is new and has not been used.


The item has almost no signs of wear and tear. The colour in the garment is not washed out and there is no nap, sports equipment and other stuff look almost like new.


The item has small signs of wear, but it is not torn and has no stains. The protective qualities of technical sportswear are as good as new, but there may be small bleaches and a little bit of nap in the most sensitive areas. Sports equipment and other stuff may have scratches and signs of use, but the utility value is not reduced.


The item has clear signs of use. The item can still be used, but there may be colour variances or the garment may be very nappied.

If there is anything special with the product, please note it in the description even if the product would have a high tear & wear rating! Please don't sell torn, dirty or smelly items.


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