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Selling in is super easy, safe and 100% risk free. As seller, you are totally anonymous. We will answer all item-related questions on your behalf.

Our central warehouse will ship all your items to the buyers – you only send one box to us with all your items. Once your items have been sold, you will get your money to your bank account with a single bank transfer.

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Sign up using a PC, tablet or a smartphone.


Take photos of your items using a smartphone, tablet or digital camera. Pay attention to the lighting and background. 

Great photos sell faster


Add items using a smartphone, tablet or a PC.

Clear descriptions makes buying easier.


Attach id numbers clearly to the items. You can find the numbers at your user account.

Use a piece of paper tape and a permanent marker for numbering.

We will review your items and send you a link for printing out the shipping label.


Pack the numbered items to a cardboard box, seal it tightly and attach the label.

Items in numbered order will be published faster for sale.


We publish the items for sale as soon as they arrive at our central warehouse.

We will notify you by email when your items are being sold.


You can track the sales process and manage your sales credit at your account.

You can use your sales credit for shopping or transfer funds to your bank account any time.

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