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The buyer makes a purchase decision based on the information, which you have given in your products. It’s important to describe the products with sufficient accuracy and take good pictures that showcase the product well.

We have been able to establish that products with good product descriptions and pictures sell much better, so investing a little bit of time when adding items is
worth it.

What should I mention in item description?
  1. Give the item as descriptive name as possible.

  2. Describe accurately and truthfully item’s information and features.

  3. Usually used phrase “Almost new” can mean different things to people, so it’s important to give more details.

  4. If the item has become felted, it has a stain or the colours are a little faded it is advisable to mention this in the item description.

  5. Please note in the item description, if there are pets in your household. The buyer can be very allergic to any pet animal.

  6. There’s no use in guessing. If you’re not sure about a feature (such as brand) of the item, don’t use it in the description.

What should I consider when taking an item picture?

  1. Lay out the item well, e.g. clothing as straight as possible, without wrinkles.

  2. Use a neutral and uniform background. You should use a light background for dark item and vice versa.

  3. Don’t place the item near the edge or too close to the edge of the background so the edge won’t be visible in the picture.

  4. The easiest way to choose a background, is to use white or dark sheet as a background.

  5. When using hangers to hang clothes, you should place the item against a neutral background.

  6. If you hang the hanger on a door of a cabinet, close the door and take the picture so that the edge of the cabinet is left out of the picture.

  7. Please make sure that you have good lighting when taking pictures. You can add lighting, for example, with a desk lamp.

  8. Whether the lighting is in the ceiling or on the table, make sure that there will be no shadows in the picture.

  9. Avoid using the flash. Flash often reflects back from the item or background, if it’s directed directly at it.


Focus on taking each picture carefully. Because even the slightest camera shake can make the image blurred. It is advised to use a camera stand if possible, but you can manage without it as long as you concentrate on each picture sufficiently.

When you’ve taken a picture, make sure, that it does not show anything extra, such as your toes, the carpet edge, the edge of the cabinet, the helm of other clothing or something else that doesn’t belong in the picture.


Bad picture 1 Good picture 1

Bad picture 2Good picture 2

The example photos were taken with just a standard mobile phone camera in a home environment. Standard ceiling lamp was used for lighting and the flash was turned off.

When taking pictures, you should always adopt the buyers view and think if you would buy this item based on the picture. If you feel uncertain, it’s highly likely that the buyer will feel the same way. In such cases, you should take new better picture.

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