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About us

About us


NETFLEA.COM - ONLINE FLEAMARKET LIKE NO OTHER is a unique way to shop preloved items online. The items are sold by consumers to consumers completely hassle-free, because we act as a trusted third party between the consumers. This way full consumer rights are guaranteed to the buyer and the seller alike.

At, buying and selling 2nd hand goods is much easier than trading at typical marketplaces.

You can buy items online from multiple sellers using one shopping cart. All items will be sent to you in one parcel with one flat rate shipping fee. 

The seller enjoys similar ease of selling. You just decide which items you don’t need any more, and take a photo, write a short description and decide the price for each. Then you simply pack everything to one box, send it to us, and then just wait a while. Money will appear on your sales account when your items have been sold. No questions from the buyer, no shipping and return issues, no price negotiations. We handle all questions, customer service, shipping and returns for you. Should it happen that one of your items is not instantly sold, we even find the right price for you to get it sold.

Safe and Secure removes almost all hassle related to consumer-to-consumer sales of 2nd hand items. The buyer can shop like in any online store, and she is covered by full EU consumer protection. The seller can send her preloved items in one parcel to us, and we guarantee that she will get her money for all items that are sold on Both parties pay only one delivery free for unlimited number of items.

We believe online shopping should be safe and secure for everyone. We promise safe shopping and different secure payment methods with SSL encryption. Our shop has been audited for 100 % legal compliance by an independent third party.

Fast and Easy Delivery

We ship all orders the next business day at latest. The parcel is delivered to your home, except for the Baltics, Finland and Sweden, where you can pick up your parcel at the nearest post office. We will send you a tracking code, so that you know exactly where your parcel is coming.


You are buying from a reliable company, not from an individual. You always have the right to return whatever you have ordered within 14 days of delivery.

Customer Service

Our professional, multilingual customer service team is at your disposal by chat, email and phone.


How did it all start?

Ossi, a seasoned ecommerce and logistics professional, got his first baby in the spring of 2013. It was obvious to him and his wife that it makes both ecological and financial sense to buy second hand. Most baby gear are in perfect condition after one or two previous owners, and cost a fraction of the new equivalents, let alone the environmental footprint of producing new.

Unfortunately, the local flea markets didn’t have all Ossi’s family needed. As an online retail professional, Ossi finally found all the missing items from various internet marketplaces. But the effort of doing that was certainly a major unnecessary hassle in the house with a newborn.

Scanning through Facebook groups and various classifieds sites, negotiating prices and delivery costs, agreeing shipments and trying to avoid fraudulent sellers was all too much when searching for dozens of necessities worth a few euros each. And it wasn’t once or twice when the perfect product-seller-delivery-payment match led to nothing as the product had already been sold to someone else.

Of course, the problem was not confined to fresh parents. All of us had too many unused items at home that we simply could not get to new homes with reasonable effort. All of us had thousands of euros lying in our shelves and cupboards simply because there was no way to monetize them easily. All of us need something new almost daily, but most of us prefer buying a 2nd hand product if it is easily available.

By the time the baby was crawling, Ossi had decided to fix the problem. He wanted to create an online space where all products for normal life can find a second home after they are not needed any more. Not only the expensive and prestigious ones, but also everything we needed for our daily lives some months ago, but not anymore.

Europe is full of products that are not being used by the owner but that are still valuable for someone else. The monetary value of each product is low, but making all these products move effortlessly around Europe to those who need them next was Ossi’s dream.

This dream became


Contact details

Suomen Nettikirpputorit Oy (FI26091051) / Trading as Second hand in net Europe

Teknologiantie 1
FI-90590 Oulu


Phone (8 – 15 CET):
Sweden - +46 8525 00895
Netherlands - +31 2026 20353
Poland - +48 2230 78525 
Finland - +358 9424 51515  

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