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Welcome to the 100-club


Everyone who gathers over 100€ sales revenue in our service will be invited to the 100-club.

100-clubbers will receive an exclusive club newsletter, in which we detail valuable benefits and discounts.

Some 100-clubbers have shared their experience here.

“At first it was quite cumbersome, with the pricing and descriptions, the effort gets rewarded later, when selling and shipping is done for you. It’s brilliant that the price go down automatically, If the things won’t sell with their original prices. It’s nice that I can keep track on items that have and have not sold.” -Saila, Tampere-

“I like the service very much, it suits my life situation perfectly. I can add thing for sale without a rush. I can send the items away and i don’t need to be arranging any tables. It’s also convenient that the unsold items can be donated to charity. For a busy working mom, this is a very good service.” -Kirsi, Sauvo-

“The service has worked well, the customer service is always there to help when trouble arises. Adding things for sale is easy, although it is rather cumbersome, but it is really handy that you can send the items all at once so they don’t lie around in the corners of the house. Haven’t tried buying yet.” -Alina, Tampere-

“A nice service; after adding items for sale it has been a cakewalk. I like it that they keep adding new categories!” -Katja, Jyväskylä-

“It’s great that after adding the items you can send all of them away. It’s also good that I can monitor the sales easily, and I was positively surprised on how well things sold. Adding things for sale is easy.” -Jaana, Seinäjoki-

“Encountered’s advertisement on facebook and I decided to try it out. Quite easy service, I will come again.” -Maarit, Akaa-

“I liked it very much, it has been easy and simple service. Shipping the items has been very easy. I’m glad that the customer service keeps in touch.” -Mette, Espoo-

“Very nice service, a nifty place to sell, because i can get rid of all the things at once. It was a big effort to make the package though. Convenient for the seller, after sending the package you can relax.” -Anne, Oulu-

“Pretty good service; Selling is very easy after you get your package delivered to netflea. Selling is easy and unsold things go to charity. A great place for family with children to shop!” -Noora, Pori-

“First suitable way for me to sell. I’ve never before sold anything in flea markets or online, it’s so cumbersome!” -Johanna, Salo-

“So far, i’ve always received good instructions when i’ve asked for them, i’d like to have some more search options though.” -Agneta, Oulu-

“I have been quite satisfied with the service, it’s quick and easy to add things for sale. I’ve recommended this to my friends and their items are also selling well.” -Tiia, Tampere-

“Good service, I’ve even recommended it to few of my friends. Sales period is long and so is the return period, so you better have patience. But otherwise very easy to sell., when you don’t have to organise flea market table. You should put as much as possible for sale and keep the prices low.” -Essi, Vaasa-

“Your service is working really well and i’ve been very pleased on how easy and effortless it is to sell here. I’ve recommended your service to my family and will keep using it in the future as well. As a mother of two small children, this is so much easier than regular flea markets.” -Elisa, Tampere-

“I like using this service, because this is a really easy way to sell. Once you’ve added item for sale, you don’t have to do anything. I’ve also bought a lot and have been very pleased. I have recommended the service to my friends.”-Annika, Espoo-

“I have enjoyed the service. It’s so easy after adding things for sale.” -Piia, Virrat-

“I have been pleased with the service and i’ve recommended the service to my friends. Very good customer service!” -Katja, Pori-

“The service is easy, no need to sort a sales table, and got rid of items. Those that didn’t sell got donated. Store is always open, that’s a good thing.” -Sanna, Seinäjoki-

“Yes, I like the service. I am a housewife at the moment, so it suits me very well, when you don’t need to go on-site to sell. When my child is sleeping, I add the items for sale and send them. Very handy! I wish the service will continue for a long time!” -Anna, Helsinki-

“I’ve bought from here twice now and it was easy. Earlier i sold in, but it was very cumbersome with the shipping and so on, so I decided to try this service instead. I was very pleased with my choice. As a development proposal i’d like to have more search tools, and the pictures could be bigger; sometimes I don’t buy at all because the picture is too small.” -Emma, Valkeakoski-

“I’ve been a seller and a buyer at Selling was very straightforward and quick! Things got sold on regular basis and it was easy to monitor the sales through the website. The customer service is friendly. It’s been interesting to see how they keep making the service more and more user friendly. Buying was easy also and the order was delivered very quickly. Soon i’ll have another sales patch ready! I highly recommend!” -Tiina, Oulu-

“I can only recommend. Very efficient for the seller, you don’t have to organise your selling table, and above all, affordable, especially as they just extended the sales period. I’m very pleased with the items i’ve bought, even though, I sort of need to buy them “blind”, but all the items have been good. I’ve been using the service for half a year and will continue to do so.” -Minna, Vilppula-

“I’ve been really pleased with the sales service. Initially, gathering items, taking pictures and writing information on a computer took some work, but after that everything handled itself. The sales funds were a nice surprise, I didn’t expect the things to sell so well. I will definitely keep using the service, as a buyer and seller!” -Hanna, Naantali-

“The advantage of Netflea is that you can do the job required for selling at home and at one sitting. I don’t need to visit local flea market and sort the table, and it’s easy to monitor the sales at my computer. I can transfer the funds easily whenever i wish. The buyers can find the items easily. I think this service will grow quickly!” -Noora, Oulu-

“Thanks for the good online service! The best part is that you get rid of all the clothes right away. Requires a little work, taking pictures and uploading them to the site, but when you send your package you can just wait for the profits. Sometimes it’s difficult to asses what will sell well and what will not. Thank you for the service! I will definitely use it in the future!” -Susanna, Riihimäki-

“I found this forum in the spring, and i’ve liked it. It’s really easy to use and usually one picture is enough. The anonymity is a good thing, i’ve recommended this to my friends.” -Irja, Keminmaa-

“I’ve been pretty happy with the service and I praised it to my friends. Adding items for sale takes time, but after that, the selling is very easy and effortless. The items were reviewed pretty quickly.” -Jaana, Suonenjoki-

“Easy service, as long as you get your items on sale. The best thing about the service is that it’s easy to use. After adding items for sale, other people do the rest for you.” -Jenni, Lohja-

“It takes some effort to describe and picture all the items, but on the other hand, i get rid of them all. Shipping could cost less! Have to pay shipping both ways, when sending and when getting back. I’ve mostly added things for sale that I don’t want back.” -Kristiina, Nurmijärvi-

“The best thing is that you get the things out of your corners. I sent my first package when they added the female clothing category, after that i’ve been steadily sending more packages whenever i have time. It’s good that i don’t need to contact the buyer. After adding items for sale, very easy.” -Emilia, Oulu-

“Trading was simple and clear, i could easily keep track on my sales and i have recommended this service to my friends. It took a moment to learn but after that adding things for sale was a breeze.” -Miia, Pattijoki-

“I like I come here everyday to browse. I’ve recommended this to my acquaintances, with whom we talk about second hand stores. The service is easy, simple and clear. “ -Neera, Riihimäki -

“Selling can’t get easier than this! You can add items for sale quickly and after few days you can ship the box. It’s easy to track the sales on my customer account, and you can transfer money to your bank account even before the whole sales period ends. It’s awesome that I can put on sale all the family’s clothing.” -Noora, Rusko-

“I find the service much easier than traditional second hand stores. Uploading images as mother is a bit challenging, it takes time to get peace and quiet to do it. But when you get the time to do it, it is quite quick. After that tracking the sales is easy. Transferring the funds to my bank account is also easy.” -Katri, Martinniemi-

“A really easy way to sell used children’s clothes! At first it requires some effort, but then you can just sit on a couch and see how much you earned each day. I will definitely continue selling and buying in This is a great concept.” -Anuliisa, Oulu-

“My user experience has been very positive. It’s nice that I can send all the items at once and i don’t have to send them one by one to the buyers, like in other selling services (like tori.). I am also pleased that unsold items get donated, i would take them there myself anyways. For a mother of small children this is a very good way to sell. Transferring the money is easy. I’ve also noticed that things that are on sale here are quite cheap. The only negative thing i can think of are the popups that sometimes annoy me. Thank you for an amazing place to sell!” -Tiia, Pylkönmäki-

“I heard of this online second hand store through facebook advertisement. I’ve never been particularly keen on taking thing to regular flea markets, basically because i live 30 kilometers away from the city and you’d need to go and sort and clean the table now and again. And it’s more expensive also.

Netflea is simple great! Operating costs for your self are small and when you see a little bit trouble in taking good pictures, things will sell. Nice way to make some “pocket money”. Many of my friends have been asking should they put things on sale in netflea and the answer is clear YES! Just don’t change and i’ll keep sending more things on sale! Thank you and happy autumn!” -Tanja, Kuivasniemi-

“I like netflea, because i get rid of all the sales items at once. In comparison at facebook flea markets the things i’m selling lie around the apartment waiting for a buyer. Also i don’t need to ship each package separately. I can also but cheaper prices because i don’t need to count the shipping for each item. As a buyer it’s great that I can order from many sellers with one shipping. All in all, i’m very pleased.” -Kristiina, Mynämäki-

“Adding things for sale was time consuming, but easy. It takes more effort to put things for sale in regular flea markets. Everything has been working great. One time i had an extra item in the package, I contacted the customer service and the problem was solved without hassle or extra payments. I’ve been very satisfied with the service. I don’t need to clear tables like in regular flea market, it’s really easy in here. Customer service has been very helpful.” -Anne, Tampere-

“I’ve been really pleased with the service. At first, I thought that it was quite difficult, to take picture, send them and then ship the package but later this has developed into a hobby of mine. I can’t wait to start new package. I no longer even consider taking a table at my local flea market. In there the clothes are in big pile and i don’t think that the customers care to dig through that. In here each piece of clothing is shown separately. It’s nice to make some profits too with this hobby.” -Virpi, Espoo-

“Putting things on sale was very easy. Essentially, i have been very satisfied. In cases of doubt I’ve received quick and friendly answers from the customer service. I hope people will find this service. Recycling is the word of today and really good thing.” -Mirva, Paimio

“The customer service is the best A-class,ie A+++ or a FULL 10. I got into the 100 club after my third package. I’ve tried all the selling options in here, but will probably use the normal selling option from now on. Even though adding items for sale is quite cumbersome due to photographing, but the sales revenue is so much better. It would be good to have other options, so everyone can pick their own. It’s nice that the customer get to give their insight on the development of netflea. Very good developments came with the last update, like double the sales period. I think you could change the automatic price reduction into a bargain basket, where you could put items if you wanted to. The current price reduction system is not very good. I’d love to have more categories. This Invite and earn system is great. Netflea is great place in addition to regular secondhand store, both have their pros and cons. “The best things in life are free - an international saying. Item trading days are a good thing!”. And it’s a good thing that you can find clothes for men, women and children. If I could deliver the package to the warehouse myself, that would be great. “Picture has great impact”. I LIKE NETFLEA.COM!” -Eija, Oulu-

“I’ve liked very much, as a seller and as a buyer. I’ve been cheated so many times by facebook sellers so the system here brings certain safety because the corporation works as a middle man. Customer service has been quick and very good. I haven’t checked the new updates yet, but i heard they increased the sales period. Only negative thing i can think of is that i couldn’t use perk code when i was paying with customer credit account funds.” -Tiia, Pori-

“I did like the service, there is nothing to complain about. Very convenient service.” -Terhi, Pentinmäki-

“I’ve tried many regular second hand stores but i must say that netflea is easier, especially when you have kids! It requires some effort to take pictures and add the items for sale, but atleast I don’t have to clean a table!” -Heidi, Kokkola-

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