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Customer reviews

Customer reviews 


“I’m very satisfied with the service. My order came quickly and everything went smoothly.”


“It’s lovely to be your customer, everything is just easy and fast!”


“I’m grateful for this splendid service. I’m more than satisfied to with the profits i’ve made here. :)”


“I started selling late April and i’ve already sent few boxes. I noticed this service via facebook and after joining I’ve been very satisfied. It’s great to get the things on sale out of my apartment. I must admit, that it is quite laborious, to take pictures and so on, but it’s it’s own reward when you get to send all that stuff away. Some things i sent didn’t get sold, but that’s okay, it was easy to donate them forward anyway. This is my thing, no more hassle with the flea market tables.”


“I started selling in Netflea in 2015. I’ve sent many packages for sale. I’m very satisfied with the service. Selling in Netflea is cheap and things get sold well. I can send all the items at once and I don’t have to answer questions about my items. I can tell you, that it was quite a hassle, taking pictures and adding items, but I think it was worth it in the end. It’s so much cheaper and takes much less effort to sell in Netflea than your regular second hand stores.”


“I’m very happy with the service! I’ve ordered so many times, even sent few boxes for sale. Delivery is fast and cheap in my opinion. Donating is a great idea! Instructions on the page are clear and the customer service in general is friendly and quick. With regards, Happy long term customer.”


“Pricing and photographing items is a pain, but at least you can do it in small parts. The actual sales period is very carefree. Cheap place to sell in comparison to regular flea market. You can put low prices on items. I highly recommend!”


“I’ve sent some stuff for sale, and they have been selling like hot cakes. A big plus to long sales period! It’s great that you keep developing the service. Your customer service is fast.”


“Everything, and I mean everything has been splendid. I am very happy with the service and I plan on using it in the future!”


“I’ve ordered few times, delivery has been fast and there have been no surprises. I recommend <3”


“Everything went well and in orderly fashion. Emailing was quick and clear, my questions were answered well and fast, Thank you!”


“The customer service was very kind and understanding. BIG thank you for this. I will continue to shop here.”


“The problem was solved within the same day! Very efficient!”


“Thank you! Well done! And right on time!”


“Very quick and great customer service. It’s great that you can return items! Some people haven’t found this service yet, but i think it’s better than it’s competitors. Quickness of the deliver surprised me.”


“Service worked great, can’t think of anything negative. Thanks!”


“Reply came really quickly and I got the answer i was looking for. Thank you for good and friendly service!”


“I’m very happy with quick response and great customer service. Thank you!”


“Good and friendly customer service!”


“I’m happy with the service.”


“I ordered a nice box of children’s clothes and such from you. I wanted to test the service so i ordered just few items. The box arrived quickly and the purchase was otherwise very handy. I’m very happy with the items and with the whole transaction. I plan to order more stuff from you and will recommend your page to others. Wear and tear ratings were important and they were truthful. It’s great to have this online second hand store that actually works!”


“I’m very happy with my purchase, lovely and cheap items, a chocolate bar into the bargain, big plus. Arrived quickly. No sticks, just roses.”


“I’m happy with the item I ordered. Thank you!”


“I’m a very satisfied Netflea customer. Delivery was fast and the shoes I bought were as described.”


“I ordered for the first time and I’m very pleased. The box arrived in less than two days and we got all the items we ordered.  I plan to order in the future as well.”


“Thank you, the items were good and delivery on spot.”


“It was very easy to buy and delivery was quick. I got the things I ordered the very next day!”


“The customer service is great and friendly. I’m pleased. I will add more items for sale and recommend this to my friends.”


“It has been very positive so far, after the first week around one fifth of my items have been sold, that’s pretty good in my books. Selling is a lot easier than in regular flea market. Customer service was there when i needed them.”


“Ordered for the first time and I’m very happy. Box arrived in two days and I got everything I ordered :) will order in the future!”


“Hey Netflea!

I rarely give feedback to companies, but now I just have to. This concept is great! I ordered yesterday morning, and the things are already here. All the items were clean and intact and just like they were described. It’s especially wonderful that the tear and wear ratings were on spot, you didn’t try to hide any faults. I became a regular customer in an instant. Very big thank you for good service. I wish all the good for Netflea. I will be recommending you to all my friends. Happy new year! “


“The items were delivered faster than I thought. Items were exactly what they seemed in the pictures and I even received a bag of candy on top. Very good service, I will continue to use this in the future and recommend to all my friends.”


“You asked if I was happy with Netflea. Yes I am.

Delivery was fast and ordering and paying easy. I’ll keep an eye out for your selection, and order if something good comes around.”


“I’m very very happy client into your online store, which i stumbled upon by accident. First I ordered some clothes for myself, service was very swift, clear and above all friendly. So, I decided to clean my closet and put extra clothes on sale, that was surprisingly easy as well! Now my clothes are on sale. Thanks!”


“Ordering and the delivery worked perfectly. Very good website.”


“Thank you for quick delivery and excellent products! I’m very happy with the service!”


“I’m very happy! Buying is So easy!!”


“I’m satisfied with the items I ordered. Everything in good condition and with such cheap prices. Free shipping made me try this and the package arrived quickly. Maybe I’ll try this again. Second hand store online, what a wonderful idea :)”


“I’m positively surprised with how easily everything went. Website works and looks good. Delivery was faster than I imagined and all the items were in good shape. THANK YOU!”


“Your service is very easy to use. The stuff I’m selling sells better here than anywhere else”


“This online flea market of yours is definitely the best flea market! Clear, easy to use, easy to search, price/quality ratio is very good. :)”


“First time I ordered through your service and it was easy and simple. Nothing negative to say. The extra bag of candy crowned the order. It really made my day! Small thing, but surprisingly big effect! I’ll recommending you to others. The color of a item didn’t quite match the picture, was actually a lot paler. But I guess sometimes this ought to happen, when buying items based on picture.”


“Thank you for your excellent service! The clothes I ordered arrived very quickly!”


“Great website/shop. The box arrived in two days, I’m happy :)”


“I’m satisfied. My order was placed on easter so the delivery wasn’t quite as fast, but I bet it would’ve been without the holidays. Clothes were as described and the small candy bag really cheered my day. I plan ordering in the future, if I find something good.”


“I’ve ordered a few times already and will continue to do so. Items have been delivered quickly and they’ve been in good condition. Thanks! :)”


“This is awesome!!!! Just advertise more!! Buying is easy, delivery on time and items in good condition! CHEAP!!!!!!! Thank you very much! :)”


“I’m satisfied with the products I ordered and the good customer service i received. Clear and good website/shop”


“I’ve never got such quick and friendly service as I did here. The problem was solved quickly, full 10 points!”


“It easier to sell here than in normal flea market!”


“I’m very satisfied with the children’s clothes i ordered. I was kept up to date with the processing and delivery of the package. Keep up the good work!”


“The service is very easy to use. Great innovation!”


“I think selling here is easy. It’s a small trouble to get things out of your closet. And if you happen to make some profit on the way, even better! :)”


“Roses! I bought clothes for my grand grandchild here, i’m very satisfied.”


“Easy to use, quick and nice”


“This service is so needed, as the regular table fees are in in flea markets. And usually you can’t get things sold in normal flea markets.”


“Amazingly easy to use and great system.”


“Awesome! I can get huge pile of clothes and toys out of my home! And I don’t need to run around sending each item separately.”


“Thank you the excellent page, which i think just need few more sections.”


“Very good Idea! I’ll start putting my baby girl’s clothes on sale tomorrow”


“I was surprised how quick the delivery was, I recommended this to my sister.”


“Seems like a very convenient service for a busy people. I must try this out!”


“Very helpful customer service. Teached me how to add items to the service. After I understood how it was done, it was actually quite easy. It’s convenient to sell small clothes and buy fittings ones. One more thanks to Antti in the customer service for helping!”


“I spent two evenings adding items for sale. I sent 2 packages for sale, both had 30-40 items. Everything went well, excellent service.”


“Excellent service, I earned my first 100€ in the first month, but it was easy. I’m already starting a sales packaged, this basically free in comparison to normal flea markets. I highly recommend!”


“I found Netflea via facebook. I understood quickly that this was the best way to sell old children’s clothes. It did take a while, for me to add the items for sale, but I felt so relieved when I sent the box away. I got my first 100€ pretty easily, there are plenty of my items still unsold, when they get sold I think I will earn quite nicely.”


“First I bought overalls for my younger child and ice skates for my older child. The package arrived the very next day. The items were in good conditions and as described. The service seemed unbelievably good and easy, so I decided to try selling some old clothes. I sorted out old clothes in my living room and to my horror i noticed how many of them there were. I counted that there were over 300 items! I added 65 of them for sale that night. Now I add around one package every 1-2 weeks when i have time. I highly recommend!”


“I’ve been selling things for almost a year now in various facebook flea markets. I think recycling is important and easy. Netflea makes recycling even easier, no longer i have to send items separately or follow small bank transfers from various people. I wish all the best for Netflea!”


“My friend has bought few times from here and recommended this to me. I’ve been a bit lazy to sell on regular flea markets, but finally a service which is great for me!”

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